Handsome & Co is a Melbourne based school for furniture design. Providing skills and business training for artists and designers, in a two-year residency and fine woodworking skills to adult students attending evening woodworking courses. Dedicated to instructing and fostering an enthusiasm for woodworking, Handsome and Co is a school for traditional and modern woodworking techniques, with one important underlining principle; to instruct and demonstrate the methods of achieving the highest quality in both the design and manufacture in timber products. Handsome & Co offers courses in fine furniture making for everyone from beginners through to more experienced woodworkers.

It is our goal to promote outstanding design and craftsmanship through the provision of woodworking classes, in which students can engage with like-minded individuals, learn traditional hand skills and explore materials and processes in the development of their own three dimensional product. Our tutors are professional designer/makers; each brings a wealth of extensive technical knowledge in the methods and application of traditional and modern woodwork techniques.

We welcome applications from anyone wishing to develop their skills in design and furniture making, previous woodworking experience is not essential, however the success in fine woodworking does require patience and an attention to detail.

Located in Richmond, the school itself is conveniently located close to public transport, both tram and train points are within walking distance and parking is readily available right at the school’s door.


Handsome & Co residents offer a unique design and production service in furniture making and woodworking. We pride ourselves in making exceptionally high quality products in which we feel confident will stand the test of time. Using a combination of traditional and modern carpentry methods, we can provide both an old fashioned longevity with the perks of affordability.

Our budding designers in residents work independently and sometimes-in collaboration on these commission pieces. Affording them the opportunity to gain experience in client communication, manufacturing practice, design development, confidence and maturity as craftsmen.

Because of the educational nature and mostly part time basis that our residents work, generally the lead-time for product completion is longer. However if you’re prepared to wait, we can provide an affordable option that will be made to the highest standards of timber craftsmanship.

Please email info@handsomeandco.com with enquiries about possible commissions. Please note that we are a creative organization and we discourage copying other designer’s work; please don’t email requesting us to replicate existing products.