Bespoke Skateboard Deck Workshop

Bespoke Skateboard Deck Workshop

Being a lord of Dogtown is one thing, but becoming a lord of the workshop is something else entirely.

This was our very first bespoke skate deck workshop. We had eight student all eager and excited to craft their own custom skateboard or longboard.

Over  the two three-hour sessions, students were guided through the entire process, starting from scratch, working through a number of steps and ending up with a fully functional and beautifully sculpted (not to mention unique) deck.

attendees laminate and shape layers of Canadian Maple veneer (Canadian Maple being the wood of choice for skateboard manufacturers since time immemorial) and skin the board with a selection of bespoke timber veneers including (on this occasion) African Walnut, European Apple and Silky Oak.

At the end of it all, with a new bespoke skateboard deck in hand students went home, some planning on acquiring trucks and wheels, in order to hit the streets and others with plans to display their new piece of art to be preserved and admired (so we’re told). Either way, all who attended seemed to enjoy the process and we are now looking forward to doing it all again.

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