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Frequently asked questions

How does the waiting list work?

Towards the end of each term, we will email our waiting list with all available class places for the following term. Buttons/links to the book these places are directly accessible via this email. Everyone on the waiting list is emailed at the same time, it’s ‘first in best dressed system.’ Please be aware that places sell out very quickly.

If you are a beginner (and I am a total beginner), do you have to start at term one, or can you join in at term’s two, three or four, and still be able to start from scratch?

No, you don’t have to start in Term 1, any term can be your first term. Tutors provide instruction specifically for individual skill levels and not by the term.

What kind of things can you make in the classes?

In your first term with H&Co students will not have an opportunity to make their own projects and designs. Woodworking is a broad skill-set and we believe it cannot be leapt into without first being given a introduction. Different tutor run different introductory course, but all offer an opportunity to try your hand at the important woodworking techniques. In the second term of attendance, all students have an opportunity to build a project that they want, anything from a table to a grandfather clock. The complexity, size and design are all determined on the individual and their personal goals.

Are there currently any free places available for new students?

We update the Handsome & Co website regularly and display places available in the information section of each individual course. When sold out is displayed there are no places available.

Can you give me an idea of what items that students will make in the woodworking class?

Students make a number of practice joints, followed by a variety of exercises, like: a marking gauge, cutting board, toolbox and or a small leg and rail style product in the first term (projects are tutor specific). Following this, students undertake projects of their own design and choosing.

How do I join the waiting list?

Join the waiting list on our website, in order to receive email alerts when places become available in the future. Find it on the right side of our pages.

I noticed that you can only enrol in the most immediate term, is there an option to book for later in the year?

We only book one term at a time and prioritise places to ongoing students, it is only when students discontinue that we can open for new students. Towards the end of each term we will contact our waiting list and let them know about the available places for new terms.

I’m a total beginner, is this course suitable for me?

Yes, the course caters for all experience levels. All students go through the same instructions and projects in their first term. Following this, instruction is provided to address specific ability and project needs.

Is parking available?

There is plenty of onsite parking available.

Hi there I would love to enrol in the first term of wood working – how do I go about registering?

To enrol into a woodworking tutor session, visit our Courses & Design Residencies page, found in the menu bar at the top of the Handsome & Co website. Choose the most appropriate day and time for you and follow the links through to the information page where you can ‘book now’ (if places are available). At this point, you will be redirected and guided through a secure online payment portal.

Do you provide student or concession prices?

Yes we do offer discounts and concessions. View fee options below:

  • General admission – the standard price of a single term or short course.
  • Student discount – 10% off full price (Short courses only, current university or tertiary id required.)
  • Annual membership – 10% off general admission for 4 consecutive terms, when purchased upfront.

What happens if I can’t attend one of my scheduled classes?

In the event that you are unable to attend one of your classes, we will do our best to provide you with an opportunity to attend at an alternative time. However, please note the following points:

  • Students are asked to give as much prior notice as possible of any planned absence. This provides an opportunity to coordinate with other students who have requested a make-up class.
  • To avoid compromising the class size, and due to the limited workshop space, no guarantee can be given that a make-up class will be available.
  • Any missed class must be made up within the term.
  • No more than two make-up classes can be offered per student within a term.
  • No refund will be given for missed classes