Designer Makers @ Handsome & Co – Fringe Furniture 2017

Designer Makers @ Handsome & Co – Fringe Furniture 2017

Check out the work by the talented makers working out of our Handsome & Co workshop.

Dan Thomas

171008_Fringe_HC_16223_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_16219_Web2000px

Douglas Maloney

171008_Fringe_HC_16181_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_16188_Web2000px

Elliot Gorham – Noddy Boffin

171008_Fringe_HC_16030_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_16048_Web2000px

Greg Allen – Eco Dad

171008_Fringe_HC_15986_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_15997_Web2000px

Lana Kagan

171008_Fringe_HC_16070_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_16073_Web2000px

Josh Carmody

171008_Fringe_HC_16139_Web2000px 171008_Fringe_HC_16136_Web2000px

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