“Hi Handsome…” – Lana’s experience at H&Co.

“Hi Handsome…” – Lana’s experience at H&Co.


“Hi Handsome & Co,


I just wanted to properly say thank you for the workbench course and Handsome & Co itself. 

I’ve learned a lot since I started at H&Co (I think a year ago?!?) and the workbench course solidified my understanding of some basic woodwork concepts. I really appreciate the work that goes into designing and preparing for the courses.

I’m so proud of the workbench I made from scratch and I show people photos at any opportunity. I’m really enjoying the process of getting a space set up for myself, as this will allow me to spend more time with wood. 

Coming to my weekly tutor session is one of the best times of my week. It’s relaxing, challenging and fun. Each week I learn more about wood itself, various construction methods, design and myself.

Basically, I just wanted to thank you for setting up an amazing, supportive, nurturing, genuine space. 

Thanks, a whole lot.




To find out more about the ‘Build Your Own Woodwork Workbench’ short course, click here. For recent images of the course, click here.


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