Handsome & Co seeks out and employs tutors that are professional designer/makers, who are currently engaged in their own creative practices. These tutors will bring a wealth of extensive technical knowledge in the methods and application of traditional and modern woodwork techniques. Most importantly, our tutors are role models, who can inspire students through their active industry practice.

Our tutors will provide demonstrations and knowledge in timber and traditional technique, but most importantly our tutors act as the vehicle to influence their student’s exploration of materials, ideas and processes.

Meet our tutors below, each has their own history in furniture design and manufacture, but all have a common passion for timber as a material and the production of high quality products.



Liam completed his studies in furniture making whilst living in the United Kingdom and went on to work for a number of different workshops with experience in CNC manufacturing to high end residential projects. Upon his return to Australia in 2008 he began studying the RMIT Diploma of Furniture Design.

Elliot Gorham

Elliot studied at the Australian National University Art School, specializing in furniture making, he spent three years plus an honours year perfecting the craft of design and construction. Studying under the head of workshop Rodney Hayward in the Furniture / Wood Department, Elliot completed his BVA with first class honours in 2007.

Douglas Maloney

Douglas’ career in the furniture making and the timber industry has spanned 10 years. In this time, he has worked in a variety of roles for a number of accomplished furniture-making workshops, such as; Charlie Sandford joinery, Tide design and Jardan, each workplace afforded him...

Julian McCartney

Julian is a qualified furniture/cabinetmaker, having completed a formal trade apprenticeship under the tutelage of Robert Brown, specialising in antique furniture reproduction and restoration. This involved intensive training in the use of traditional cabinetmaking hand tools and techniques, finishing methods including french polishing, and materials/design appreciation.

Patrick Holcombe

Patrick Holcombe is the founder of local furniture company Douglas Fir Design. He was taught joinery and construction techniques from a young age by his father, who built their family house and all their furniture around them as the family grew.

Shane Stute

Shane commenced his cabinet-making apprenticeship with a business established by William Schembri 126 years ago. He was taught all aspects of the craft of furniture-making, acquiring the skill of traditional techniques used in the manufacture of fine furniture.

Brendan Stemp

Woodturning Tutor
For 20 years Brendan Stemp combined part time woodturning with a full time teaching career in art and craft. His original woodturning teachers were Richard Raffan and Vic Wood who provided him with not only a solid grounding but also the desire to make it a full time pursuit at some stage.

Alichia van Rhijn

Carving Tutor
Alichia van Rhijn is an artist based in Central Victoria. She is a self-proclaimed maker of things and vintage lover who spends her time handcrafting goods ranging from woodwork, ceramics and metal casting to lovingly restoring and re-purposing vintage finds.

Josh Carmody

Josh completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture at the University of Canberra in 2008 and a Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne in 2011. In parallel with his studies, Josh designed and made furniture on a commission basis and by the start of 2010, was also exhibiting works in exhibitions and competitions around Australia.

Louise Gorham

Operations Manager
Louise is a creative with a background in comedy, writing and performing who graduated from BAPA in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts. She has multiple film and TV credits including Neighbours, Rove and was featured in a Mitre 10 commercial with Scott Cam (quite relevant). Louise is co-creator and the more freckled half of the female sketch comedy duo, Girls Uninterrupted. Highlights include receiving a 4.5 star review from the Herald Sun for their MICF show ‘Good Value’ and creating an original Christmas sketch for the ABC. Keep a look out for her appearance in the series Get Krack!n on the ABC later in the year.

Dan Thomas

Dan Thomas has been studying furniture making and design with Handsome & Co since 2013. After an 18 year career as an Architectural Draftsperson, Dan is now transitioning into furniture making on a more full time basis.

Greg Allan

Greg’s background in commercial furniture manufacturing, design and logistics management has enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of streamlined production, design and furniture assembly. From working within this industry, Greg discovered his passion for traditional handcraft methods, including the use of natural materials.

Jarlath Weingott

Jarlath studied at the Australian National University School of Art (ANU), from 1993-95 with inspiration and guidance from renowned furniture designer and master craftsman George Ingham.  In 2005, he returned to the ANU for another 18 months under head of workshop, Rodney Hayward. While currently...

Lana Kagan

Lana is an emerging woodworker, passionate about quality craftsmanship and sustainable resource use. She aims to work with salvaged and reclaimed native timbers and to continuously build on her craft.