Elliot Gorham

Elliot Gorham


Elliot studied at the Australian National University Art School, specializing in furniture making, he spent three years plus an honours year perfecting the craft of design and construction. Studying under the head of workshop Rodney Hayward in the Furniture / Wood Department, Elliot completed his BVA with first class honours in 2007.

Heavily influenced by the artistic environment and involvement in complimentary studies in Sculpture, Life Drawing, Tool Making, Art Theory, Ceramics, Gold & Silver Smithing, Photography and Textiles, his work has developed quirkiness and carried a conceptual context.

Elliot currently operates his designer / maker business, ‘Noddy Boffin’, for which he produces excellent quality furniture and lighting products with contemporary and conceptual aesthetics. Elliot is an experienced tutor in woodworking and has previously instructed at the Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking.