Jarlath Weingott

Jarlath Weingott


Jarlath studied at the Australian National University School of Art (ANU), from 1993-95 with inspiration and guidance from renowned furniture designer and master craftsman George Ingham.  In 2005, he returned to the ANU for another 18 months under head of workshop, Rodney Hayward.
While currently employed in theatrical set construction, Jarlath previously worked as a mountain guide where he developed a deep appreciation for remote places. Drawing on his love of the natural environment and vast open spaces, he finds inspiration that gives perspective in life and design.

His admiration for Scandinavian design, Chinese and Japanese joinery is evident in his ongoing design work. Jarlath is constantly striving to balance a minimalist aesthetic, while still keeping structural integrity, ergonomic functionality and utility.

His partner, young son and much-loved Jack Russell now share his life in Melbourne where he hopes to focus on his passion for furniture and object design.