Patrick Holcombe

Patrick Holcombe


Patrick Holcombe is the founder of local furniture company Douglas Fir Design.

He was taught joinery and construction techniques from a young age by his father, who built their family house and all their furniture around them as the family grew.

In the years before starting his own furniture company, Patrick completed a Bachelor of Ecology and Botany at the University of Melbourne and worked for Parks and Wildlife in Tasmania chasing Platypus and Tasmanian Devils through the bush.

He stepped away from scientific fieldwork to play guitar in a touring band for a number of years, during which time he rekindled his passion for woodworking and started Douglas Fir Design. When the band wound down, he was able to throw all his energy into furniture design and now works full time from his Campbellfield workshop. He specialises in large custom furniture made from Australian recycled timbers for commercial and residential clients all over Australia.

Website: Douglas Fir Design