Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones

Rhys studied wood/furniture at the ANU School of Art, completing his honours year in 2011. It was there, in the furniture/wood workshop, that he began to explore and refine the theory and practice of fine furniture making under the guide Rodney Hayward (Head of Workshop).


“Design is about synthesis rather than the reductive processes of science. It is about associations and connections, of understanding relationships. It is more of an intuitive experience than a predictive one.”- Dr Rodney Hayward

Following study, Rhys has worked as a cabinetmaker and operated his own designer/maker business in Sydney, where he was afforded the time and resources to continue the refinement of his woodworking hand skills in a commercial context.

Rhys’s woodworking pieces reflect his fascination with timber chairs and woven surfaces. It is in these structures that Rhys demonstrates his ability to create light and sophisticated shapes, all the while maintaining a strong and functional piece of furniture with all the integrity of its chunkier less attractive equivalent.



Currently, undertaking a Master of Architecture at the Melbourne University, in pursuit to broaden his skill and knowledge into larger scales of design and to continue the investigation of the interrelationship between theory and practice, hand and machine, and society and self.


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