Wood Workshops: Material Value

Wood Workshops: Material Value

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Australian Design Review


Physically creating something tangible to suit a purpose or fulfil a creative urge is a fundamental human yearning, one perhaps neglected in an era where our hands are occupied as an extension of touch screens and keyboards. In the smartphone age, where anyone is but a click or swipe away from the next stimulus, crafting an object with permanence is an act of enduring value.

Having a hands-on outlet for creativity is the reason why so many take up DIY projects, sign up for craft workshops at local hardware stores and invest significant time and money in amassing an arsenal of power tools. Starting and finishing a project, especially in collaboration with others, is a uniquely gratifying experience.


Wood workshops in particular are enjoying somewhat of a boom in Melbourne of late. Timber is a ubiquitous material, ever popular for its timeless versatility in furniture, interiors and built structures. It is a timber craftsman’s role to showcase the medium’s unique character – each mark and grain indicating the living quality of the wood are inherent to the value of the final product.

Australian Design Review spoke to Handsome & Co about the ins and outs of its wood workshops, and the current hands-on climate encouraging Melburnians to get crafty.



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