Liam Thomas – We Eat The Sun

Liam Thomas – We Eat The Sun

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn” Geoffrey Chaucer

db71698c096094df-IMG_4106Liam’s expertise spans across two main areas of the furniture making industry, the first is as a designer / maker in which he creates furniture and objects under his own brand ‘We Eat The Sun’, “… influenced by simplicity in design driven by a construction based view…”. The second area, is in the restoration of Mid Century furniture pieces at Medium Rare (his other business), in which he combines his expertise in finishing, methods of repair and of course drawing on his training in traditional cabinetmaking techniques.


Having spent many years practicing furniture making in a variety of different workshops here (Australia) and in London, Liam is a designer / maker who recognises the importance of both practice and a craving for knowledge. Liam understands that every product made by hand, is only the prototype before the next prototype in an endless pursuit to reflect, learn and hone to perfect his skills. It is this dedication to skills and knowledge of woodworking, accompanied by his generous disposition to share it, which makes Liam a ‘Handsome & Co’ tutor.5c930c8a35fe3340-IMG_4115


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