Alichia van Rhijn

Alichia van Rhijn

Carving Tutor

Alichia van Rhijn is an artist based in Central Victoria. She is a self-proclaimed maker of things and vintage lover who spends her time handcrafting goods ranging from woodwork, ceramics and metal casting to lovingly restoring and re-purposing vintage finds.

Although primarily self-taught, she has a background in Architecture and Design, as well as having a strong passion for aesthetically pleasing objects and the processes in making them. Her natural progression into craft was a culmination of the pure enjoyment of making and the satisfaction in creating beautiful objects.

Alichia is deeply passionate about nature and draws a lot of her inspiration from the natural environment around her. Australian native flora has been a huge inspiration in her work, from which the subtlety of overall aesthetic and the contrasting complexity of biological design, inspire a progression in her own handmade wares.

Website: Hearth Collective